Alida Gorman

Hello! I'm a Front-End Developer with a passion for technology and creating delightful UIs.

About Me

Alida Gorman Professional Headhot

My interest in front-end development stems from working in post-sales roles in the SaaS industry, where I served as a subject matter expert, project manager, and trusted advisor for my customers. I loved working in technical roles where I was hands-on, thinking creatively, and collaborating with teammates to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

After doing some research, I realized that software development blends all of the things I enjoy and excel at. I quickly enrolled in a front-end development course where I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and much more. It has been a joy discovering a new side of software and growing my technical abilities through coding!

Outside of software development, I love to cook, read, be outdoors, and explore the world.

Skills & Languages

Developer Skills



Vanilla JavaScript

JavaScript React

Responsive Web Development

Git & the Command Line

GitHub & GitHub Pages

Data Flow Management

Flexbox Properties

DOM Manipulation


JSON Files

Tech Stack

Visual Studio Code

Chrome DevTools





Super Sticky Notes App

Sticky Notes App Screenshot

Easily create, delete, edit and search for notes and to-dos through this React app.

Skills: JavaScript React (ES6), CSS, Data Flow, Local Storage, Chrome DevTools

Unplugged Retreat Website

Unplugged website on various screen sizes

A multi-page website which adapts to mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, Responsive Typography, VS Code, Git, GitHub

Guess the Word Game

Word Guessing Game Screenshot

A game created with JavaScript where users can guess a word one letter at a time.

Skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, DOM Manipulation, Git, GitHub

GitHub Repo Gallery

Repo Galley Screenshot

An interactive gallery view of my GitHub repos created with GitHub’s API.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, Git, GitHub

Name Tag Generator

Name tage Generator

A React app that allows users to create, edit, delete, and search for name tags.

Skills: JavaScript React, CSS, Local Storage, Git, GitHub, CodeSandbox